A couple of weeks ago I was openly criticized for having 2 voices in my social media life.

The person who challenged me noted my strong opinions in two strong social media platforms.

Well, so be it.

If you are reading this and don’t know already, what I say and do on LinkedIn is my professional persona. My brand.

Multipreneurial pursuits in two industries: Linkedin coaching/training and electronic payments.

My views do not always pertain to just LinkedIn topics, since I offer general business material that I feel will interest and nurture most everyone reading me.

In all cases, quality material, I hope you agree.

And what I say and do on my personal Facebook page is just that, personal: politics, identity, morality, news views, and my op-ed.

Quality material, I am told, and for the subset there, I hope you agree.

Yes, I operate a parallel Facebook business page with no politics or other personal matter, just copies of these blog posts. Professional LinkedIn stuff, you know.

As a multipreneur, I can compartmentalize my thinking, expertise, and expression.

This is not me contradicting myself. This is me expressing myself. This is me speaking to the audiences I believe show an interest in my views.

In the right places.

It’s social: me, and you, and social media lines can blur, as some of you have accepted my personal invitation to connect in both platforms.

And as you well know, if you do not like my professional opinions on LinkedIn best practices, challenge me on a professional level, not a personal level. Or disconnect.

And if you do not agree with my personal or political leanings, as I express them on my personal Facebook page, no problem, either 1) disagree via intelligent rebuttal, or 2) “mute” me, or 3) disconnect from me.

Choose which door. That’s it.

I offer no apologies for having different ways of speaking about how I think and feel and express myself. Linkedin and e-payments. Business and personal.

I am deliberate. You do not have to agree, but at least be open about it as my choice.

I have noticed my detractor is no longer a first level connection on LinkedIn. That’s ok, it’s his prerogative. It was a good move, for him.

That’s how social media works; but be social in the right platforms.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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