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Plant that seed and let it germinate

It’s my favorite time of year, spring is right around the corner, it’s time to get my tiny seeds started and watch them mature into summer’s flowers and vegetables. I joyfully watch seeds 1/16th of an inch turn into 5-foot-tall African marigolds.

It also gives me an opportunity to take extreme closeup pictures and see things my eye misses.

I am nurturing some business prospects right now, and the opportunities seem pretty good. Not every seed germinates and grows. Some take longer than others, Some wither, from too much or not enough care.

I send an article to a prospect that they may appreciate, I cajole with a warm email to stir up the interest factor, I e-introduce them to others I value, I want to show my care. It’s in my DNA to bring great people together and to care for them as prospects, then clients, then after working with them (well, I always consider them clients) support them thereafter.

My exuberance ebbs and flows but I recreate the gardening and the business prospecting experience, learning from the previous year, annually and perennially.

Spread the seeds of your great work: ask them to cross-pollinate you with their colleagues and friends, with your promise to nurture a new crop of clients and further the bloom of your expertise.

Make your brand grow organically.

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