‘Tis the season, freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw, scrape, plow, potholes, drive right into one.

Jarring bump. Teeth rattle, car groans. You curse!

Dear reader, your weathered LinkedIn profile may not experience these extreme fluctuations, but if a casual reader rolls by and falls into your sleepy pothole-of-a-profile you left him/her, they will either drive right over and well beyond it, thankful they didn’t waste time with you,


they will swerve and curse you for leaving a hazard in their way, never to repeat that mistake of considering you again.

See where I am driving you to?

Who doesn’t like a newly paved, even road, getting them to the destination efficiently, enjoyably, that they want to, feel they must, call or email you to find out more?

Be smooth, not bumpy.

Tomorrow I will steer you on leaving speedbumps in your LinkedIn profile.