This is what an unexpected connection request looks like to the reader. In other words, don’t just drop in.

Best tactic: Land in charted, safe friendly terrain: ask a mutual connection who knows the targeted person well to introduce you.

Hint 1: You might want to provide the language the introducer should use.

Hint 2: ask the introducer to include your LinkedIn URL in the introduction for easy reference.

Then you can prospect for the best intelligent components to explore.

Next best tactic if the above is not possible: Write a warm and informative message to ask to connect.

Hint 1: Namedrop people, companies, experiences, topics you share in common, ask to set up a zoom or phone call to explore opportunities.

Hint 2: It’s best to expect no reply. Send another signal and follow up once.

Do not badger. Move along if you sense no signs of life.

Last ditch effort: abort the mission. You don’t want to, but maybe what you are driving at is alien and not conducive to life as we know it.

Hint 1: Redesign your craft.

Hint 2: Launch again to a different destination.

I hope I have enriched the space between your LinkedIn ears and eyes. Plan, launch, execute, tweak, alight.

May your business live long and prosper. May the force be with you and your valued connections.