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To whom it may concern…or not

I get questions a lot, but sometimes they seem to congregate around a specific topic.

Today, I received the same question twice, so I will answer it for you here, since it seems to be up in the air:

Q: When I post on LinkedIn, does that message go only to my contacts?

A: It depends on how you set each post up.

If you click the button marked “Anyone” as seen below it can go to 740 million people…

…but you have the ability to determine who receives it in the next screen.

It defaults to “Anyone” but you can control that by clicking a different radio button.

Now you can address a post to Anyone, which is tantamount to “to whom it may concern,” or to a more select group.

That’s totally up to you.

2 thoughts on “To whom it may concern…or not”

  1. I learned something you did not mention…. the ability to add the post to a Twitter feed. Thanks!!!! I LOVE learning and I do love to keep in touch with folks on Linked In.

    1. Just be aware that Twitter will only post the first 280 characters (including spaces) of your LInkedin Post plus the URL. Sometimes it grabs the graphic sometimes not. You may have to go back into Twitter to fix this.

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