Carvana, the originators of the car vending machine, is running an ad touting their techno-wizardry.

Do you come across as a techno-wizard on your LinkedIn profile? Prospective clients are seeking other peers and beyond, whose technical prowess is equal or better than theirs. After all, if you are a wizard in your field, and it likely entails technology, you had better be astute at both. Or else, why would anyone hire you?

That means leaving comments like “I’m not tech-savvy” out of the sales process. That means demonstrating you’re more than comfortable with the latest ways of connecting, transacting, working, all virtual or cross border, seamlessly so that others absorb your ability as a given, and the extra special sauce you offer is the winning proposition you bring to the business table.

To get a seat at that table, your LinkedIn profile must not look neanderthal. You must look 21st century. Amazing-er.

I am not suggesting you become a coder, or an IT wizard, or even a  LinkedIn guru, just to have access to the best expertise to tap into, rely on, learn from for their input. That will make your work reflect the above-average award that will win you a seat at that table, perhaps turn into incremental new business.

Why chance portraying the wrong impression?

Bubble up. Perception of your profile is everything, including your LinkedIn profile and your quality activity in the global communication arena it offers. You must learn to master this.

Be amazing-er than your competition.