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In a pinch, no punch

Once in a while you get asked to deliver, have to respond to a request from a client, a prospect, a colleague, someone whom you want to maintain a great relationship with, and you need to connect them to an expert, pronto.


Well, of course you start with searching LinkedIn, and voila, you found the right person.

Then how to connect them?

Do you call the expert (good idea, as you can get a lot accomplished on a phone call, you know, good old fashioned give-and-take conversation that takes no advance set up? You just call a number, and it’s off to the races.

Screech, no phone number in the contact info on their LinkedIn profile.

You need to go to the link in their LinkedIn profile for their website, and screech again, the link is broken.

Time’s a-wasting.

Off to google search, then to their website, then to their contact us page for the number, and OH NO, you can only message them via their website.

Do you keep searching of how to get a hold of them?

If time is so short, what do you do other than sweat bullets?

You could guess at a mutual 2nd degree LinkedIn colleague, but they are probably reticent to give a stranger a personal phone number. Dead end.

You could email and hope they check in frequently and process inbound messages.

But does yours look like spam? You know where that goes.

Exasperatedly, you move on to another prospective expert. Not your primary choice, but one who makes it easy to get in touch, ask questions, offer to connect to the needy one you are helping, and the magic goes from there.

The first intended connection? Opportunity lost. You’re never going back down that rabbit hole.

Do you miss possible business contacts because you make it so hard to reach?

You’ll never know, because you lost their respect and they ain’t coming back. Make it so you never lose a possible connection. Check your contact info section such that everything is correct, and the links actually work.

This is a true story that happened to me, desperately moving at warp speed to help someone who needed it immediately and hitting those speed bumps, unable to put the perfect two people together. I had to settle for introducing a less-worthy referral.

Pinch yourself back to reality to be sure you are easy to get a hold of in all methods of communication, especially those that entail a smart phone.

I was not happy how this turned out.

You know who else is even less happy at how this turned out? She’ll never know the opportunity she missed because she never got it.


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