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Just because you can, does not mean you should

You can do a lot of interesting things on LinkedIn, like create a resume from your profile (look in the Help center for this!).

Like wish everyone a happy birthday.

Does that mean you should?

Not likely.

I received this question last week:

Does LinkedIn allow you to upload your contacts so you can ask them to connect?  I know with FB, you can ask your personal FB friends in your community to connect but don’t see how to upload in LinkedIn.

So I had to reply:

Yes, you can, but I do not advise doing it. You may end up asking people to connect that you wish you had not. We all have lots of “stray cats” in our email address book, right?

A few years ago, I had a woman who accidentally asked her ex-husband to connect. He was in her contacts for whatever reason and he interpreted her connection request as a reconciliation of sorts. Messy.

That means you really have to cull through all your email partners, carefully.

But if you want to, caveat Linker, here’s how:

He did not try it.

I am glad.

You have been warned.

1 thought on “Just because you can, does not mean you should”

  1. Would you rather “sell” by having an “Open House” or “By Appointment Only”. When a seller holds an “Open House”, anyone and everyone shows up to see the inside of the house, to eat free food, drink free wine, schmooze…everything except “buy”. But, when you restrict who has access, you stand a better chance of making a connection with someone who is seriously interested. Be restrictive with who has access to you and your services. You will close more business. Quality, not quantity.

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