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Giving credit where credit is due

Two weeks ago I had a major tech issue with one of my credit card clients.

What does that have to do with LinkedIn? Keep reading….

It took emails, texts and phone calls, weekdays, evenings and over the weekend to resolve. The client needed to run her transactions, cash flow being the lifeline of any business. I get that. The clock was ticking.

And the client is king (or queen in this case), right?

We worked it out, and yes, the client was happy, and if she is happy, I am content.

But what an effort from so many people! One person, Laura, was doggedly instrumental to coordinating the resolution, and she deserved accolades.

It was my pleasure to write this endorsement, cc’d to my sales manager and her boss (redacted by me to keep private certain details):

Chuck and Robert:

In the past few days, I have been working closely with Laura on {client name}, a 16-year client whose {nature of tech issue} was determined by Tech Support to be {resolution step}.

The merchant contacted us last Wednesday. She was promised a {resolution step} on Thursday, then contacted me late that day as she still had no access and multiple thousands of dollars of transactions so she could not process and was in a bit of a panic about the cash flow effect.

I immediately contacted sales support and was quite pleased Laura answered. She knew my name in that we have been working together on and off over the many years since I joined as an rep.

She jumped in, started getting some action, and brought together multiple departments and senior members in each. She remained highly consultative to me so I could advise the merchant at each step and finally, yesterday the merchant was able to process and is “back in business.”

Laura and I spoke and texted multiple times during the day, evening, over the weekend too. That’s dedication, especially with the challenges of working from home in a pandemic!

Merchants expect reps to streamline sticky situations and resolve the problem, even when it is complicated. What was best about working with Laura is that she analyzed and presented me every possible option and further discussed them with me for my evaluation, so we could collectively best service the client.

I applaud her warm, level-headed consultation as a partner to bring the merchant’s issue to a logical conclusion.

I wanted you both to know.

Both addressees agreed with me and appreciated the note. Laura did too, as you can imagine. She earned it!

So what does a LinkedIn coach do to memorialize this? He thinks to provide an unsolicited recommendation on Laura’s LinkedIn profile.

But, dear readers, she is not a LinkedIn “believer.”

Pfffftt, there goes the air in my balloon…..

But if she were on LinkedIn, I would post the above immediately without telling her. Imagine her surprise if she were to be advised she received an unsolicited LinkedIn recommendation, well-deserved, and intended to let her profile readers know what a gem she is, explaining her unique skill set, how she came through for me and the merchant: in essence her “why.”

Moral of the story: recommend someone who earns it, hopefully they are on LInkedIn so you can surprise them, and BTW, be ready to amend it to their liking if they ask you to, since they have the ultimate say in what appears on their profile.

Spread the word to those who need to know you surround yourself with the best of the best. And recognize them for it.

Recommend someone who well went out of their way. 

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