Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics Tuesday: don’t be invisible

No one in business today is invisible unless they deliberately want to be.

Why would anyone deliberately miss any business opportunity?

I thought we had passed these branding misses. (BTW this is what invisibility looks like on the new user interface on LinkedIn). Get the contradiction: what invisibility looks like?

I am beginning to see more and more of these.

This is what a businessperson looks who will be ignored. This is what sloppy or uncaring looks like. Lazy is not acceptable.

Pandemic or not, get a headshot. Or find any picture so we can get a look at you, approachable and friendly.

Go to and find a banner. ANY banner that exemplifies your business in one quick glimpse. It’s free and there are hundreds available to copy and paste in seconds.

Color, image, impression.

Without a headshot and branding banner, people wonder why you are not showing what we all do. You are hurting yourself.