Friday morning, mid-November. 915am. Late for me to be writing but this sentiment’s in me, yearning to get out: I get a day the day to myself.

Earlier, I put the other chores behind me: exercise, banking and bookkeeping, emails, client follow-up, LinkedIn posts, morning pod contribution and its responsive commentary back and forth.

I can, or not, peek at my LinkedIn Home page. I can easily get too involved there: but today I will purposely only curate some reading I intend to do later in the day, share, comment to my connections. Yes even for me a limited LinkedIn respite is welcome, once in a while.

The day is mine. Almost a full day to enjoy, even to close shop early for the day if I want to. I hope you can too.

I plan to get out of the office at 230 and go to the beach for a change of scenery for an hour. That’s my only assignment today. I like it. (Pano photo above added later than this was written, it was just so beautiful!)

I’ll call a few colleagues to catch up, without worrying about the timing of the next preset Zoom session appointment.

I wrote this blog post, and others for the coming days. I can play a couple of short games on the NY Times puzzle page in between. Both are my type of fun.

I told a friend yesterday I was eagerly anticipating a day with nothing planned to which he retorted, “I would not tell too many people that.”

I just did.

It doesn’t make me look weak or poor. I earned it. I worked hard to be able to take this time. Perhaps you can manage this too.

It’s actually good for the head, heart, and soul.