No, this will not be a self-aggrandizing blog post on my LinkedIn exploits.

However, it will be a blogpost asking you to consider creating your own personal hashtag on LinkedIn. Select carefully, think it through. Create it. Use it every day.

Mine is #marcrockslinkedin except when I use it, to downplay the “crock” between “#Mar” and “slinkedin” I capitalize the three words into #MarcRocksLinkedIn. More personal hashtags to come.

You may be wondering why even create a personalized hashtag?

  • Because I can, and because it calls attention to the thought leadership I work on daily to gain the imagination and heighten the LinkedIn experience for so many who need to learn what I can offer.
  • Secondly because you should step apart from the crowd and pathfind your own way.
  • Finally, because you can, and you should adventure in your own self-imagery, so why not give it a try?

Be sure to use it. Right now I have to remind my self to use it but that will soon become easy and regular with time and usage. 

If you’d like, please follow my hashtag. As you can see in the graphic, one is the loneliest number.

And use 6-10 other hashtags in your posts to gain notice among people who would not normally know about you, so they can follow you and one day, after they have made that amazing-er impression of you vs. anyone else in your space, they need your help.

I’m putting the “social” back into social media, one post at a time. one hashtag at a time too!