Seriously, what are you afraid of? Black cats? Walking under ladders? Gremlins?

My colleague’s office is located on the 13th floor of a building. The landlord wasn’t afraid of marking that floor 13th.

Earlier this week, I posted an article from containing 13 ways to be a successful, skilled entrepreneurial thought leader, each worth practicing. It’s worth reading. The author could have chosen 12 or 14. Won’t take 13 minutes, though. But in sharing this wisdom you become a valued connection so exceed 13 minutes and invest some time to nurture your connections, all at once or individually.

Reach out. Some people are lonely and feel isolated. Call one person every day for 14 days (not 13) and feel better about putting social into media!

What should you be afraid of today? Being boring on your LinkedIn profile.

Fix it by planning and resolute implementation, deliberately expressing your ikigai, your why, your value proposition, your being amazing-er, or 10 other reasons someone should engage with you.

Or eleven, or more, since there must be dozens.

There has to be.