To “brain better,” as defined on a TV ad for a product named Neuriva, they say their product can help you improve in 5 areas (in the bullet points below):

The ensuing discussion I offer here translates those 5 to LinkedIn, also a cognitive power tool, with which you have to “brain better” every day:

  • memory: not yours, but theirs, do you pop into their mind for some reason(s) when an opportunity they can refer you for comes to them in one way or another? Are you memorable and easily findable?
  • focus: is your profile tight and so well-planned and -constructed that the casual reader “gets you” right away? And you repeat some themes multiple times in different words and contexts?
  • accuracy: are you sharp, with no typos, no format mixups, no outlandish claims, not too salesy an approach; in other words, is your presentation so truthfully unique they want to know more about and are stimulated to contact you?
  • learning: do you share curated material you know others can benefit from? Do you relate your activity in your field as one of never-ending education?
  • concentration: again, not you but them, as in how far will they be convinced they have to read in your profile to relate to you as a prospect and be called to action?

Does your LinkedIn profile “brain better” than the competitor’s/s’?