Back to Basics Tuesdays, Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics Tuesday: If it’s easy it’s just a hobby

Show of hands, how many of you see LinkedIn as something easy to do once, and leave alone for a few months? Easy, fast, to be set aside until needed again. Like a hobby?

OK, another show of hands, how many of you take LinkedIn seriously as a power tool in your self-branding tool box and give it all the time and sweat and effort it deserves to make you stand out in a noisy crowd? Like a professional?

Hobbyists: square away the time, stifle distractions, and take a 30,000-foot view of your profile. Would you buy from you?

No? You must be a hobbyist.

Yes? You will become an even more successful professional on LinkedIn if you work at it. Often. A lot. Daily or more.

Start now because you are already behind your competition, or get coaching to be able to meet them head on.