I never understood what Monday was penalized as untrustworthy by a composer and then by the Mamas and the Papas.

Or that Wednesday hosted GEICO’s only funny ad (ever) with the camel wandering around an office wishing everyone Happy Hump Day.

The other 5 days did not earn any names. No reputation, good, bad or otherwise.

Perhaps they are just expected to be boring days. The images and imprints that marketing folk have made stick in our minds are designed to make something which it is not readily. Something more interesting than it already is, with some outside help.

Your career journey is memorable, to you certainly, and to others who are interested in hiring you, for a job or a gig. But you have to make them want to be interested, every day, all day. You may need help from a LinkedIn coach to give your career story more oomph.

At the end of the day, Monday or Wednesday, it’s your livelihood, and your story to tell to reinforce the “why me” in your story leading to a better livelihood.

Only you can tell it, not some marketing firm or singers.