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“Let’s make some money”

That was his comment at the end of our phone conversation. Impressive.

Backspacing to the beginning of the story: we spoke about a lot of common ground, as ably perceived by our colleague who put us together.

He started by asking me good questions, showing he read my LinkedIn profile. I appreciate that.

I responded equally as probing and deeply, having read his.

The combination of both of the above 2 paragraphs broke the ice before the conversation even began. It allowed us to dig deeper to explore ways we could collaborate. No “tell me about yourself” charade was necessary.

Just 2 pros using the tools available to them to make the time better spent and the results more attractive.

Besides, who can argue with the comment he ended the conversation with? Stay tuned.

1 thought on ““Let’s make some money””

  1. While Making Money is a motivator (sound of a whip cracking), so are “Connectors”. If your colleague didn’t think that you 2 linchpins should know each other, the connection never would have been made. “Money Making Machines” need these connections (the grease for the cogs) to allow the machine to work smoothly (quiet engine humming in the background). We need to make the Connections to Make the Money.

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