The election is behind us, well, who knows when that’s final? But much of the noisy distraction is relieved.

The weather is changing, leaves are falling, we get less daylight, and holidays are our next focus. The hearth is crackling.

But wait… the pandemic will keep families and friends from congregating at holidays, or at least it should. Masks need to be in place every time we go out in public. The cold of winter will open us to more chances of illness. Health first, right?

Businesses will continue to feel the iciness of partial shutdown, the chill of economic contraction, as we permanently freeze changes into our lifestyle in the future, as we adapted over the past 9 months.

We must push away the shiver of these challenges.

In a sense, the heat is on, for us to reset priorities and set examples to others with our own best responsible actions. You know: social distancing, masks, flu shots, heat the house, warm the communities you create around yourself.

Exude warmth in your checking on the people you know who live and work alone. Be a space heater, providing warmth between you and someone who needs it.

It makes others feel your glow.