Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Just as the leaves get brighter…

…so should your willingness to spread your value proposition to others allow them to gain recognition of your expert perspective.

Then, when asked if they can know someone who can do exactly, or similar, to what you do, they will recall your recent comments and be able to refer you for the intelligence and thoughtfulness you provide others.

They fall in “like” with you enough to feel comfortable to refer you.

The rest is up to you, to make the end-user fall in “love” with you enough to hire you.

It’s a mating ritual. Just perhaps less emotional.

You want to be in the relationship with the client for the long-haul, or as long as you can make it work, mutually advantageously.

But nothing is forever if you don’t continuously invest in the relationship. Let’s leave it at that. 

Hopefully your client relationship will never fall away. 

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