Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Personally speaking

That title’s not about me, but it’s aimed at you.

Your personality and personal thoughts have a valuable place on LinkedIn. Did you know that?

It means you are:

  • brave enough to want to tell “why” you,
  • in touch enough with yourself and your readership to add value,
  • involved enough in nurturing your connections,
  • aware enough of what others might want to gain from your work,
  • smart enough to say it well,
  • probably not going to convince everyone of your ideas, but
  • humble enough to know it’s part of an on-going global conversation.

I suggest you get your thoughts out to others who will admire and gain from your wisdom.

Choose any or all: LinkedIn Articles, posts, Group posts, and/or comments on others’ comments (NOT “likes”).

Because as I have said here often, if you don’t tell us yourself, who will?

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