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Trifecta for you: Rob Thomas guest blogs again; you’ll remember this!

Rob Thomas is one of my “entourage”: one of the highly respected and nurtured (two way!) colleagues I never have any qualms about referring because every time I introduce him to someone, they report back and thank me for his being a star, So asking him for the third time to add his thought leadership here was a no-brainer for me.
He speaks here about being memorable. He certainly is! Thanks to the third power, Rob!

Our Vetted Commonality

What makes you memorable?  Why should you be memorable?  What is the big deal really? Well…what makes you different than anybody else?

No matter whether you work for another human or you work for the main three bosses (me, myself and I), you need to define yourself.  Now I didn’t say to be drastically different (although most gravitate to that), I mean just slightly different than the next clown.  Because then what is really the point?

In business Networking, we have lots of decisions to make: dress style, personality, walk, talk, name badges, handshakes (or not), smiling, grimacing and growling.  But ultimately people want to know how you are different than the next robot.  People buy from, and work with, other people they like and trust.

But how do you get there when you really don’t know a soul?  You establish yourself as different and ultimately memorable.  You like bright colors, you’ve got a great haircut, or perfectly bald…or you smell just fantastic!

But that gets down to your competence too…what do you do in your craft and how do you do it…well?  Better than the next human?

How are you a Hero to your colleagues in your Network?


These are the items that others need to see and hear about you to vet you out amongst the other animals.  The only reason why we have rules is to distinguish us from the animals…the carnivores.  And then, right there…you distinguish yourself as being memorable…being yourself and someone another persona can get to like and trust.

How many times do we hear about another colleague, “he’s cool; he’s funny; he’s a riot; he really knows his stuff, I like him!?  If you put on a show and aren’t yourself, you’re just fooling yourself and being dishonest…wearing a proverbial mask for others to not see you, nor understand you…nor like you…nor trust you.

Be yourself…be genuine…be memorable…but don’t be a clown.  Take off the red nose and floppy big shoes…just be yourself.



Rob Thomas, a master of business development and founder of Networking in Diners and Creator of The Rob Thomas Method, turns the adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” into a new and actionable process. Rob teaches and coaches business owners and sales people on how to grow business by identifying and building a network of effective relationships

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