Today's LinkedIn Nugget

In case you wondered…

The manuscript for the second edition of my book for the American Bar Association “LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices” is nearly done.

I will spend the next 30 days tweaking and polishing it.

I added 2 appendices: one on ikigai (which I spoke of here a couple of years ago) and another based on series I ran here on Emotional Intelligence, both with the application to making your profile event more personal and convincing others why you.

I have 2 new guest chapter contributions, one on aspects of your LinkedIn profile that recruiters look for, and the other on how LinkedIn is a formidable part of your marketing strategy. And as always an updated chapter on legal ethics regarding LinkedIn usage.

I have sliced and diced the book differently and made changes where needed to keep up with changes in Linkedin itself. My philosophy remains the same with a revised pandemic twist.

There’s still much to do stay tuned. You will hear a cosmic sigh when it goes to the editor, on schedule.

Publication in the Spring!

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