You have a way of approaching things, uniquely yours, a product of your past experience and who you are today. With an eye to your future as a result too, of course, because we are rosy, optimistic entrepreneurs, right?

But how do you really polish that attitude into something more tangible, into a skill?

Well, Seth Godin to the rescue again in his blog post last week (and do subscribe to it for a daily gem of wisdom!):

Once you realize that you can improve, amplify and refine the things that other people call attitudes, you may realize that they are skills.
Which is great news, because becoming better at a skill is something we’re able to do.
Some people call these, “soft skills.” That’s because they’re not easy to measure. But for me, they’re real skills. The skills that actually determine how far we’ll go and how it will feel to work with us as we move forward.

So get out there and gel that attitude to a soft skill and chisel it into refined hard skill. Then post it as a new skill on LinkedIn and ask selected connections who know you for that skill to endorse you for it. Nothing wrong in asking. Then it’s seen on your profile.

That’s what people hire us for, our skillset, so the more loaded your arsenal is with real skills, the more effective you will be, and thus recognized as a valued colleague for referrals. 

What’s your unique soft skill? How are you working on it? I’d like to know. So would other readers here! So take a minute and tell us please.



Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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