Today's LinkedIn Nugget

)))))) comments on my comments ))))) on my comments )))) my comments ))) comments )) )

I post these blog installments every business day, 1731 of them so far, for your use, and I get nice reactions, mostly “likes,” yet mostly I wonder WHY some blog posts resonate better than others.

However, next to no one really tells me WHY they like one comment or one paragraph, and I do not want to appear ungrateful, but I do wonder.

Of those who comment, they are thoughtful and much appreciated. But what about the rest of you, other than the standard commentators? A mix of opinions and perspectives is healthy for all. For you, especially.

I will go a bit further:

Is there anything you would like to know more about, understand further, want me comment on, wondered about … anything?

A few comments and ideas will go a long way; too few comments amount to a little bit, but not enough help.

I will continue but there are some times when I am at a loss for material, so I turn this over to you to suggest or comment and perhaps that can create some healthy conversation here.

You must want to know something more about this topic of LinkedIn. I hope.


3 thoughts on “)))))) comments on my comments ))))) on my comments )))) my comments ))) comments )) )”

  1. It is very easy to click a button just to show you that they looked at our postings? But did they read it? Did they understand it? Obviously, they didn’t feel that it was worth it to actually to acknowledge our time and efforts (standing ovation) by writing a comment. I enjoy reading your blog. Many times I learn something new (lit bulb over my head), sometimes you give me new things to ponder (gears turning). I have a lot to learn about LinkedIn and I thank you, Marc (another standing ovation).

  2. Hi Mark, I appreciate your tips and often the tip will prompt me to think about how I can improve my profile and communication. I’d suggest two area’s I’d like to learn about: How can an individual use video to deliver information and content to others. How long should the video’s be? what topics would be best? how to produce a video that isn’t too amateurish or too professional. The second area I would like to learn about is a way to use the search tool on my contacts. I have a lot, and feel like I don’t do a good job searching a connection within my own audience. Thanks!!!

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