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Quarterly re-focus

We are a few business days into the last quarter of a most unusual year. If “unusual” is an aptly applied adjective.

I’ll bet you are like me, in that this year created incredible (as in who can believe this happened?) opportunities and challenges. Hopefully, the former exceed the latter.

I know that’s not the case for everyone.

Very smart businesspeople I speak to lament the pandemic’s effect on their business and gnash their teeth at revenue and opportunity lost, but few see the #newnormal as an opening to expand and embrace new contacts and changes in who and how we engage.

No, I do not mean to be pedantic here. I just want you to take a moment, breathe in, and reassess the ways you can end the year: open yourself up to every opportunity to market and rebrand/add to your brand.

I have found success in networking myself into new groups, as I follow every credible connection referral, reach out to older colleagues and friends to check on them, and to update my followers reading here and everywhere I appear online with my news, ideas, thoughts and observations.

I write. I blog. I zoom. I podcast with others (a lot). I shoot video. I comment. I share. I ask for referrals when I hear an opportunity. Thus I ping on memory radar screens. I am not shy.

I upgraded to a video camera with a good quality mic and purchased a ring light to look and sound better on what seems to be nearly back-to-back Zoom calls. No green screen needed, I found out, once I rearranged my office to disguise the mess (our secret!). I am not a fan of fake backdrops anyway–enough snow-capped mountains and palms swaying in sea breezes–especially annoying when your hand disappears as you raise it! Or worse, a running slide show of your work that is really distracting….Can we be more sincere and let us listen to you and what you have to offer rather than our eyes darting away from your face? OK, I said it.

At first, I was reticent to exert a lot of this extra effort, licking my metaphoric wounds, thinking who cares?

Well, I have found people do care, and have tripled my LinkedIn followership, so that’s 15 thousand people who seem to care because I try to add quality thoughts and material that improves us all, and I routinely implore my 3500 connections to comment with real words (imagine!) rather  than cheap emojis or worse, “likes,” and I add dozens of new contacts every month, all vetted via real old-fashioned human conversation, to evaluate how we can help each other.

I am even meeting a colleague (as in mask-to-mask) today in a socially distant, 12-foot divide on my driveway. A first for me in the past 6 months!

You can, should, must do some or all of this too, to reach the yearend with newfound, reinvigorated self-respect, confidence, and success despite the odds.

Join me in a more successful push towards year-end?



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