LinkedIn announced a series of changes in its blog last week. The excitement was palpable from their writing, full of oxygenated PR and marketing fanfare.

And then I started reading their materials, and re-read them, and read them once again, and checked in with some of my fellow LinkedIn gurus to correlate my deflation.

Some things have changed but it’s cosmetic: colors and graphics that are not show stoppers. Ho hum.

I feel like this balloon. There were quite a few things they could have really changed, fixed, repaired, like Groups and the bot insurgence, and reinstated my beloved profile Notes. No, they just painted the trim and repapered. Is that all there is?

Yes, some Facebook-like changes were made to the mobile app, like Stories, something they do to be more like other social media–which I hate–now Stories on your LinkedIn app with its hit-and-run there-and-gone-the-next-day mentality. Ugh. Yawn.

And that app-can’t they make it easier to use? Yet I continue to access the app when on the go.

So who cares what we users think? It’s what Microsoft wants to show as progress, which I agree is a trifle, but not enough.

If you don’t have the new User Interface (UI) yet, and I do not either, I understand more waves of it are coming in early October.

I will now step off the soapbox.