I spoke about my tap-dancing talents in my recent Ask Me Anything (“AMA”) a week ago today and my faux pas (“false step” in French, which seems like a good choice of words here).

The question was how to create and send a message, or share something, to a small group (like 2 connections, or more). I promised the group and answer. And I have it here for you too JIC you wondered…

I had to think it through and will extract maximum mileage in this blog since I am unashamed to admit I don’t know everything LinkedIn (yes double negative for the grammarians) that I am challenged with at AMAs.

But I noodled it out on my own, (cue sounds of back-patting) and want to share it with you, so here are the steps:

  1. open the profile of one of the recipients to send the message (either a 1st degree connection or not–it works for both)
  2. click the white “More” button on the right side of their profile towards the top
  3. a dropdown will appear and click “share profile via message”

4. a. the next small screen you see will have inserted the LinkedIn profile URL of the person you chose in step 1 above and allow you then to share that profile with someone else or others whose name(s) you can insert in the top of the box to create a small group. PS I use this frequently to introduce 2 or more people, using their profile URLs as contact details.

4. b. be sure to include a message for context, or the URL of the website or article you want them to see. Notice you can also attach a photo, file on your hard drive, and I might add a PDF, but please hold back on the GIFs and emoticons since this is a professional forum IMHO.

4. c. also you can delete the LinkedIn profile URL in step 4. a. above if you don’t intend to make an introduction and use this same process to deliver some other message or linked article to that small group. You can name that group and come back to it later for more sharing to them.

Ah, step 4. c.! That’s what klutzily escaped me.

It took me a few creative sashays out of my ordinary usage of this process and now we all know how to do this!

I am waltzing now! You can too. Shall we dance?