Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Can you teach {…}?

Now after 10 years. I feel I have presented, advised, coached, and taught at just about every type of business, firm., association, industry group, and profession, and all people in between, in all walks of life.

Epidemiologists to exterminators. Executive women. Women autocare pros. Women politicos. Nonprofit pros. A lot of lawyers. CFAs, CPAs, CEOs, CXXs. An eclectic group of office lessees as a holiday thank you from the landlord. Office renovation contractors, commercial leasing firms. I was even an anniversary gift from a wife to her husband. And I was passed along in a family of high achievers too.

It’s been a blast seeing LinkedIn from their perspective, through their lens, showing them a better focus and higher vision (frontal and peripheral).

Baby boomers and college grads are this week’s spotlight. So when I posted these are the week’s upcoming work that I am tweaking ahead of the actual session, someone asked, “Can you teach 30-somethings too?”

Sure, was my reply, but I will have to re-purpose a session for young professionals and tighten it, specifically to these Gen-Z’s. That’s yet another audience to evangelize.

Folks, the entrepreneur’s credo, is “Sure I can do that!”

But I go further, I customize to your needs.

Bring it on. I’ve got lots to offer, you supply the audience. Let’s discuss.