Now I know how you feel about changes on LinkedIn. Much like this guy. I try to counsel you through the adaptation to get you to adoption.

Really, I am all for change. I revel in advancement.

But sometimes change is intended to help and it doesn’t. And I object to that. LinkedIn is guilty of that too.

Writing these blog posts on WordPress is the most recent case in point.

True, WordPress gave plenty of warning that they were switching to what they call the “Gutenberg” block version of editing a blog post. But not that we had to switch. We had the option to switch.

Gutenberg sounds very medieval, huh, when it’s actually designed to give the writer more creative input (they call it control) over what appears where on the blog page.

I disagree, and curmudgeonly ask to go back to the old way. My definition of control. I just want to write the blog post and be able to move on to another task. No fighting with the blocks to do what, go where, and appear when I want to edit them.

The rest of you, have at it, Gutenbergably.

I want my old blog editor back! {Primal scream}

I asked the WordPress Help Center Twitter handle to show me how. Step by step, no link to a help entry that doesn’t apply to what I see on my screen. Honestly, I just spent too much time searching with no success. Oh, unless I want to upgrade my subscription for $220.00 to be able to add a plugin, which will get me back to what I used to get. I must say I am not in favor of paying to get what I had and no longer have access to.

Is there a work-around?…we shall see.

Drum roll….indeed there is. So customer service at WordPress deserves recognition for timely response and effective workaround. I feel less barbed in my electronic barbwire now. 

Whew! I am managing my blog how I want to, again. I will coo in my classic way.  

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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