Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Reminder: no political opinions on LinkedIn, please

Party conventions are over. The fireworks and rhetoric have faded into the air, for now. Now it’s acrid debates and acidic observations by pundits and politically motivated people, professionals and amateurs.

Not on LinkedIn. Not like last election, four years ago when the electronic screaming was rampant here.

This time, no political comments here please. Not only does it alienate potential and existing clients, but this is just not the electronic platform for your preferred party’s planks

Speak here like you are speaking to a room full of clients, a board of directors, a professional organization. Leave the opinion and innuendo out if all readers will not agree 100% with you, down to the very last person in the room on every topic.

Be a pro.

And remain consistent with the terms and conditions of LinkedIn, its “LinkedIn Professional Community Policies” to not share or link anything inappropriate or unwanted (think of everyone’s POV), or post other material that others make take exception to, your own original writing or that of others.

These Professional Community Policies ensure that the millions of conversations taking place each day on our services help our members be more productive and successful and are free of inappropriate and unwanted content or behavior. These policies, which we continue to develop, provide guidance and rules for the use of our services.

Or lose your privilege to be here. Because in such a politically charged environment, you will be reported if you offend, and could be banned.

Think before you spew: what would losing LinkedIn do to your business persona?

Bloggers note: Happy Labor Day weekend. I’ll be back on Tuesday, September 8.