Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to Basics Tuesday: add to your list of pandemic stuff to do

The pandemic has changed the way we conduct business, for now, and perhaps for a long time to come.

Face-to-face meetings? Only mask-to-mask from what I know others are doing. If they are, it’s uncomfortably risky, not only to them, but to you. The preponderance are screen-to-screen meetings, rather than mask-to-mask.

No handshakes, hugs, or pats on the back when meeting. Masks are required. Facial expression is hidden. Talking 6-8 feet apart is more like yelling through a triple-layered filter.

You now have to think harder about how you meet people and plan harder accordingly.

Did you reevaluate your LinkedIn profile for the pandemic age too? Is it COVID-era-friendly? If you are, your profile should be a reflection of your care and caution, in a new age. Here are a few ideas that you may want to implement:

  • Do you show your cellphone number so you can receive texts or spontaneous video calls?
  • Do you show your entire face in your headshot so we can begin to identify you from the eyes up?
  • Have you adapted your business model to COVID? If so, how have you reflected that adaptation in your Headline. your About, and your Experience sections?
  • Have you gained new skills as you accommodated your business model to COVID? I added “remote social media training,” explicitly, as a result.
  • Have you tacked on some new certifications as well? I am seeing colleagues talking about how they are now certified remote trainers. Show what you took the time and effort to earn a designation to make you a COVID-sensitive professional.
  • Have you joined podcasts, taught online seminars, spoken on a panel at virtual events that were recorded? Add them to your Publications section, if appropriate.
  • Have you blogged. written an article, been interviewed, been busy soaking up media that needs to be memorialized in the same Publications section?
  • Have you reached out to some long-lost connections to check in, via a message to them on LinkedIn? Can you turn that into a phone call and pursue possibilities that would ensue from conversation (though not normally evolving from electronic messaging)?
  • Are you vetting and adding new connections all along? Are you nurturing the new ones as an investment in relationship-building?
  • Are you marketing like a fiend? You need to eclipse the competition in an increasingly noisy, confusing world.

Does that get you started?

Now’s the time to start, because, ahem, the pandemic has been on us for 6 months now. Have you been on our minds that long too?