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As mentioned here before, I belong to a Facebook group of LinkedIn coaches. Yes, that seems odd at first, and you may be asking ” why not a LinkedIn Group of LinkedIn coaches,” but where else can we have an independent-minded discussion forum that is not monitored by the lords of LinkedIn?

One coach in the Scotland asked early on a Saturday morning:

What has been your LinkedIn experience this year? Here in the north of Scotland, I noticed that people posted less as they had less to say. I was in that group. My business was already in transition and COVID slowed that change. I have noticed as I posted less I saw less new people in my feed. Back to posting daily and it does feel different. I have heard from others all over the world that their reach has dropped. What is your current experience of LinkedIn?

I replied:

Here in the USA I observe 2 countervailing trends:

1) I see more appreciative comments on shared posts that are personal in nature, such as pride in the professional accomplishments of one’s children, milestone family events, etc. that were once frowned upon in this business platform. Now in the pandemic age we seem to rally around and embrace our connections more for the events that mean the most to them. Perhaps we crave opening on the personal connections with the friends we see less.

2) And then on the flip side, too many clicked “likes” (like hits-and-runs) and not enough intelligently worded comments WHY they like something! I urge my clients to use words, not emojis!

If I see other interesting trends reported I will add them here. There’s bound to be some healthy conversation as this catches on among us coaches.

But most importantly, readers, what is your current experience on LinkedIn? What trends do you perceive since the onset of the pandemic?