Every time I complete a new project and exhale that sigh of cleansing breath completion, I get the feeling I can’t believe what it took to get to this point: how the germ of an idea gestates and became a finished entity to be proud of. My level of quality. My pride of offering it to those in need. 

Already I felt that completion with my books (1 is in second edition in writing now), and today another e-course was released.

The posts are up on my social media, but ICYMI:

Drumroll…NOW AVAILABLE…so pleased to announce that Mike Mittleman, Career Coach and I have co-produced and released the definitive program for your recent college graduate to package him/herself to get that first all-important career job.

In 5-parts (1. resumes that work and get read, 2. cover letters that mean something and impress, 3. LinkedIn profiles that tell why you, 4. interview techniques to push past the competitors and 5. networking into the hidden job market) this 4+ hour video course is chock full of proven actionable ideas, templates, and other bonus material as we help bring the best out in every student unaccustomed to branding him/herself.

Now they can better compete in the #newnow job market.

Find out more: https://thebestinclass.thinkific.com/courses/program.

The labor of delivery by two middle aged guys was long, but it had to be perfect. Our need to help is urgent, as we see it.


Most grads in the Class of 2020 never made it to the career center on campus. And most thought the assistance was lame if they did manage to get there. 

They’ve been out of school for a few months. Little response to their applications or crickets even if they got the interview?

Yes. the competition is deep, with older workers interviewing for jobs they are over-qualified for, just for access to the benefits. 

We show how to stand out, get counted.  

There’s no more time for your son or daughter to loll around playing video games in their bedrooms in your house.

Mike and I know very well what’s going on in the job search. We are a dynamic duo with 30+ years’ experience and much to offer. We engage, advise, coach, and urge your young adult onward. Gift a bright future to your the grad with the self-worth that a great job brings.

Or if this is not for you. please share it with someone whose kid needs it. 

As I say, let’s make that grad a taxpayer! 

Again, the Landing Page to learn all about our offering is https://thebestinclass.thinkific.com/courses/program

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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