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Not interested? Just tell me. I can handle it.


But can you?

Can you be professionally honest and forthright enough to respond to my inquiry 2 weeks after I sent you a proposal, that proposal that you asked me for?

Can you reply to my email or phone call? Or should I pepper you with monthly follow-ups, jauntily worded?

You are creating a silent fog around yourself.

If this makes it easier, reply back with “Not now. I’ll let you know around {date}.” and I will respect that.

Or you can say you are inclined to sign but have a few concerns to discuss. Then we can come to a middle ground, within reason of course. Not like the woman who told me she only wanted to pay me 1/10th of what I proposed. Not that she had any financial hardship, she assured me.

But an echo reverberating, me asking again and again, is never going to give either of us the equation we need to move forward.

Tell me “yes.” Great–let’s get started!

Tell me “maybe,” and why. I am empathetic if need be.

Tell me “no.” I can handle it. I have been handling rejection and acceptance too, for 19 years.

Tell me something. You’d ask the same from your prospects if the role was reversed.


1 thought on “Not interested? Just tell me. I can handle it.”

  1. Your article is spot on. There should be mutual respect on both sides of a relationship or contract or proposal. When did it become acceptable in the business context to not follow sound principles? A simple “thank you” is free and easy to provide. A timeframe is also perfectly acceptable to request and agree to. I can hear my mother saying, show respect in the same way you want respect.

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