Today's LinkedIn Nugget

I guess that’s why they call it the blues

pyrenees-351266_1920Blue: it conjures up rhapsodies of gorgeous music. lugubrious songs about low moods, and conversely open sky, deep water, songs about velvet and suede shoes: ah, many things.

And as I sat yesterday in an outdoors socially-distant concert by the great blues pianist Mark Naftalin, I now see the blues as more than sad sack music that laments no-job-no-money or “my baby left me.” So much more when played well and richly! Bravo!

I too play with color, in my work, primarily it’s the creativity I get to practice in designing slides for a presentation; whether the background or the font color, blue seems to sit best with my audiences because it is crisp and legible. It is uplifting (despite the music genre) and it’s my favorite color.

Or it’s the color of the words I choose to convey my thoughts. It’s for you, from me.

So I admit, I am biased towards rich blues.

Yet the feeling of being blue sometimes wafts around entrepreneurs who are stuck, perhaps drowning in the deep blue sea of rejection or droplets of business that evaporated. Some creative people I know are especially slow in the pandemic such that their business dried up (another color blue that is dispersed so finely we cannot see it, only feel it.)

Yet blue ink on contracts will regenerate, and though our face masks may also be blue, we will find a way to e-hug and elongate our relationships over time. I am optimistic and I hope you are too.

Right, no LinkedIn tie in…I do get blue in the face about the topic sometimes here…You deserve a break once in a while.

How blue (or not) do you feel? How do you get out of a rut?