We create artificial boundaries: internationally, nationally, regionally, municipally, and recently between people for health reasons. Nature doesn’t know or care where New York ends and Connecticut begins; these are human conventions.

But all along we demarcate other boundaries as we work: in my case as a book author, I write in chapters (and I am pleased the second edition of my book is coming along!), in blog posts I have themes by some days of the week, as in my Back to Basics Tuesdays and Guest Blogger Fridays, and finally on LinkedIn (in Groups, pods, connections, followers, and degrees of connection.

All are artificial and designed to create some order in life. Some way to differentiate one thing from another.

And I can divide time in ways that allocate befores, durings, and afters. I can evaluate cause and effect.

Two LinkedIn pods I have been invited to recently have been quite remarkable in increasing my connectivity to people I did not know until then; now we are ”tight,” astutely commenting on each other’s observations and encouraging each other to run faster, jump higher, metaphorically. After joining the pods, daily since then, I am nurtured by these good people.

Followers are recognizing my desire to provide quality observation and curated material to help them and recently I have entered the top 5 most-followed global LinkedIn coaches in percentage growth month to month. That honor is definitely a unique way to slice and dice the LinkedIn world, right?

If I help you here or on my other musings and thoughts on LinkedIn, then you fall into an artificial group of those I nurture vs. those I have not yet had the privilege.

Yes, I see beneficial yet artificial groupings everywhere.

Some create barriers, insurmountable, as in those who think LinkedIn is a waste of time, not worth the ROI, or never providing them what they sought from it; they are a grouping apart from 709 million who already do.

To which I say, LinkedIn the tool comes with a user’s manual. Understand how it works. Learn to use it well and the barriers will fall away, the intent of community around global business communication will be enhanced, and the effort will eventually pay off, but a power tool must be respected and maintained. Used incorrectly it can be dangerous or useless, the lament expressed above. Used well, it provides amazing results that would take far more manual effort otherwise.

Divide the world into those you nurture and those you have yet to meet so you can nurture. That artificial division will benefit you, and them as well. Perhaps more them.

Try it. Create consultative collections rather than physical barriers to overcome.

Tomorrow: guest blog piece by long-time friend and colleague Tony Martignetti on some exciting news, and if you don’t already know, he’s a professional who adds his own dose of excitement to all he does, and that’s a lot!