Goldilocks was early. You will recall in the fairy tale that she tasted the bowls of porridge at different temperatures. No bears around. Right time, right place. So no pressure.

She tasted each and opined on the merits.

I routinely ask guests to blog here, their viewpoints appear on Fridays, they choose a topic, but it must have a LinkedIn flavor to add to their special sauce. Each is an expert in his/her field.

I ask them to email me the material by Thursday preceding their day: the post, a  preferred headshot, and a brief bio.

My request specifies they email me during the day Thursday so I have time to prep and format and whatever very minor editing I need to add, queued up for 800am on that Friday. Links to their LinkedIn profile are added gratis, no surprise, huh?

We are are professionals who treat each other accordingly.

Some contributors are extra early with their material, much appreciated of course. Some are just right (on schedule (no reminder). Some need a gentle prod to send it to me. And luckily so far they all blogpieces trailed in at their owners’ personal paces, consistent with their personalities.

Goldilocks, if a blog contributor, would never run late, she would never delay, not miss a deadline. That’s not what pros do. If she did, she would never appear on the blog.

Every professional recognizes the power of being invited, their material seen, distributed, and shared. Being published online leads to eyeballs you might not normally come in contact with, who learn about you and perhaps follow you. And maybe just maybe do business with you if you work it right. That willingness to cultivate added external exposure is part of your brand. 

You can show that blog piece, and other materials in your Publications once it breaks on your Friday on LinkedIn.

That’s why we remember Goldilocks. She made the effort to taste, opine, and “bear” the professional opportunity of repeated, additional brand exposure. Just right.