Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Guest bloggers, thank you!

light-644549_1920Often as a thank you for some random act of kindness by a special giving person in my LinkedIn connection community, I will offer a guest blog piece spot on an upcoming Friday.

Their reactions are almost always surprised.

Once in a while I can hear the mental gears grinding:

Not another thing to do…but I want to do that…but I can’t write well…so I guess I have to say yes…so OK I will agree…but when/how will I deliver my masterpiece…I don’t know what to say…will anyone care what I have to say…and he’s asking for 300-500 words…but he made it harder with that darned LinkedIn twist…OK, OK I’ll do it!

And then I confirm the guest blog spotlight date with an email containing the parameters and links to some examples of particularly good ones from the past.

I offer, I remind, I check in, I persevere, trying to fill each Friday with a guest blog piece, received by that Thursday, to which I add my personal foreword about the writer, links to his/her LinkedIn profile/blog/website, a photo and a brief bio.

And then I schedule it.

Everyone (well almost everyone) delivers that blog piece on time, requiring (happily)  minimal editing, and my job is only the simple reformatting to my blog style.

The Thursday blog a day ahead has a mention of the next day’s guest blog piece, additional, creating anticipation for my blog readers.

When it appears at 800 am the next Friday, I copy the link to the writer for his/her social media pumping, and simultaneously on my LinkedIn with an @{yourname} for extra visibility, on my business Facebook and Twitter pages too.

So if I ask you to guest blog, it’s meant as a thank-you, an opportunity to wax eloquently about a topic you care about, with a reflection to LinkedIn, your moment to shine, not  penance for a confessed dark transgression.

(I meant the last part whimsically.)

My guest bloggers are not part of the heathens this evangelist strives to convert to the LinkedIn light path. My intent is to spotlight others and thank them for affecting me in some meaningful, beneficial way.

If I missed asking you to guest blog and you have an idea, mea culpa, ask me.

If you guest blogged in the past and want to bask in the sunshine again, let me know.

One more “why I do what I do.”