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Change is good; well, most times

There’re rumors of changes coming on LinkedIn. Is it a good thing or just same-old-same-old-change for the sake of change? A tweak here, a snip there?

Well as you may have experienced, we never know what will change on LinkedIn day-to-day, just that some things disappear then reappear the next day, or go away completely. Perhaps they blog about the soon-to-be-deceased section, perhaps not.

Perhaps they add some new service or section, and then irregularly give it to us, globally, inconsistently, slowly.

PS, LinkedIn, if you are reading this. I am STILL waiting for LinkedIn Live. I’ve asked twice. I am a LinkedIn expert (read my profile and my articles and my posts, etc.). Others I know you have given it to have anemic profiles and use LinkedIn sporadically. I am not sure I;ll ever understand how you create equity among members.

There was a reduction in force at LinkedIn recently. Fewer people to make it a better product, fewer professionals to help other professionals. Yes, the economy is cratering, unemployment at double digits, but can you really convince me you are not able to support a staff with the subscription prices and advertising revenue you must be raking in? Especially in this free-for-all among recruiters using your high-priced service aimed at them? Rhetorical question.

That’s change, I suppose, but not in a good way.

We are getting reports of an upcoming change in the Settings and Privacy function’s format. That would be a good change. Anything would be better,, since it’s unwieldy now. It’s confusing to understand and hard to maneuver. Bring it on.

Finally, the great minds who geek the LinkedIn algorithm (that in part determines what works best for being found in a search) have decided that 6, not 3 hashtags make for more eyes on your post. So take a little more time to add to your post with 3 more #s and be seen more too. No one knows, exactly how this works, but my colleagues do routinely share new findings, so bravo to them, and I am glad to share this with you.

Yoda might postulate “Change, good is it?” Well, most of the time.

Keep up with changes as they come along, adapt them to your daily routine, and you can benefit.

But you have to be in to win it, as the advertisement says. LinkedIn is not a spectator sport.

Tomorrow: wordsmith Don Heymann gives us some guest blog ideas to chew on how we write, high quality as always!

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