Today's LinkedIn Nugget

In every step you take


I meet professionals in all walks of life, some crawling  s l o w l y  into a new position, some sashaying into a new profession, others jumping into a new industry, and many running the ever-rotating career gerbil wheel, too many aimless in their end vision.

What do you want to be when you grow up? No matter how old you are, how do you express that on your LinkedIn profile?

Have you stopped growing? I hope not, for your sake.

How do you explain the great things you learned along the way, from job to job, industry to industry (remember: skills transcend industries and jobs) and like the metaphorical experience cards I have spoken about here before, how do you pull them out when needed, put them away when finished, and how does very act of extension and retention makes you valuable?

Keep adding to the experiences and skills you bring with you. Tell us why you from the POV of the skill set that defines you.

Explain in your LinkedIn profile narrative how this is an additive, experiential process, even an experimental one, like layers of the onion that make it so rich and flavorful.

But you must explain how you learned to walk before you ran.

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