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Guest Blogger Ken Labach’s view of the world

guest blogKen Labach, a relatively new networking colleague I met in the pandemic era via a favorite zoom networking group, is a DC-based technology and privacy attorney who fills the gap as a board level advisor between legal, technology, and commercial operations. He is quite a conversationalist and laughs a lot. So I liked him immediatley. And he shares my political views, not to be mentioned in this blog, but that makes him even more brilliant! Thanks, Ken, for rocking my world.


For the last twenty years I’ve had a map of the world on the wall in my office.  Not a conventional map, but one that shows the world with the South at the top, East to the left, and centered on Africa.  The map is getting a lot of exposure now that I am having more video conference calls and from time to time, people will ask why I have an “up-side-down map” on my wall.  That gets us talking, mainly about conventional thinking and how it can blind us to the alternatives.


I don’t have an “up-side-down” map on my wall, it’s just a regular map with South at the top.  On this sphere we all live on, South at the top is just as valid as North at the top.  There is no definitive right and wrong way to orient a map.  These are just different ways of looking at the same globe.  Each is a unique perspective and reveals different aspects of the world.

And that’s why I like this map.  It reminds me to look at the world around me and think about different perspectives.  It reminds me that while conventional viewpoint has great value and generally leads to the predictable and accepted response to a situation, that conventional viewpoint can, sometimes, get in the way of a new answer, a better idea, or an innovative solution.

When I’m faced with a challenge, I like to look at as many perspectives as possible.  I’m looking for the maximum number of choices and the widest range of input so that I can make the best decision possible.  Quite often, it is the conventional viewpoint that leads to the best idea or a solid answer.  But sometimes turning my perspective “up-side-down” redefines the world and reveals another better route I can take that can lead to a creative solution.

I think this technique applies in many situations, even building a LinkedIn profile.  I struggled with how to present my core message to the world of colleagues, clients, employers, prospects, and friends.  It was only by going through this process and adjusting my perspective to each potential reader that I was able to make sure I got the message and presentation right for me.

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Ken is always looking for that new and creative way to help his clients succeed.  He owns and manages Labach PLLC, a boutique law firm catering to software developers and companies.  When they need guidance on winning key contracts and customers, his understanding of the market for business software is the experience they need to show their company in the best light, and to get comfortable with the demands of a corporate customer.  In addition to drafting and negotiating software contracts, he guides customers on software security and privacy policies, and advises them on the legal issues that come up on a daily basis.


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