Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Building trust on #LinkedIn

building_trustYou can say whatever you want to say about yourself on LinkedIn, truthfully, of course, and within reason for a business audience.

Hopefully it’s “why you do what you do.”

That tells us a lot more than a factoid-y resume-y profile.

You need to go deeper. You can expose what’s central to your being, you should offer ways that working with you are different than the competition.

Yep, I’m banging that drum again.

But I will thump a new theme in addition: each facet of the themes of your “why” can be reflected, enhanced, admired in the endorsements and recommendations from others that say, “You know how Marc said why he is client-centric, well let me endorse him for his self-nominated Skills on his LinkedIn profile in Client Retention, Customer Service, and Client Satisfaction.

Again thumping a theme, Marc decides to ask certain business colleagues to recommend him on LinkedIn as well, telling a story or relating an anecdote in which the endorser witnessed Marc’s prowess in client-centricity.

So, let’s put this in perspective of trust:

  • Marc has earned his clients’ trust.
  • They endorse Marc, and some recommend Marc.
  • Marc appreciates this, favor returned as applicable, over time.
  • If a third party knows Marc’s endorsers and/or recommenders, that builds the trust outwardly. The circle widens for all to see.

Trust begets trust. It builds on itself and LinkedIn gives us all an opportunity to construct an enduring edifice around ourselves.

But you have to work to start the trust-building, even before you invite new connections, endorsers, recommenders. The rest comes naturally once trust is a central aspect of why you do what you do.

Full circle.

Trust me, it works.