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Teach. Try it–it’s like speaking to yourself, but better!

onlinelearningPreviously I posted here about a book called ‘”What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.”

Curious, so I looked it up.

“Wow, it was almost 5 years ago!” I am saying to myself.

One of this pandemic’s surprises has been the frequency, and the number, of new audiences I get to speak to about best practices in using LinkedIn.

These have been zoom talks, some a hour, some 90 minutes, some 2 hours, and one might even be a deep deep dive for 3 hours; TBD.

In all these talks, I present from a PowerPoint slide deck that takes up my entire screen. Everyone on mute.

The upside, no visual distraction. But I can see traction.

The downside, no faces for me to project to, no smiles or nodding heads, or a-ha moments at lame Dad jokes, or any of a number of expressions I have grown to recognize as cues and clues to how well the attendees are absorbing my ideas and thoughts.

I learned to abide this solitude in webinars I gave over the years, pre-Zoom: I interacted with attendees and saw faces and names of attendees for the short time until I went “on,” and then that was it, the personal part went off, my slide deck on the screen, a taunting teaser for the remaining time we had together. Even Q&A at the end was limited as I demonstrated from my LinkedIn profile answering with “how to’s.”

The learning take-away this Back-to-Basics Tuesday: I urge you to find a topic you love, know a lot about, learn a lot more about it enough to become a teacher, that you would like to present, and then offer to become a demonstrated thought leader in that area by getting in front of audiences. Even if you can’t see them.

And though daunting, it’s still gratifying when an attendee emails to thank me to tell me my session made a difference. Or that they were horrified enough at their profile to spur them to make renovations.

Even if you can’t see them, feeling like you’ve been talking to yourself for an hour or more, out loud and persuasively, do try it.

You might like it.

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