I’ll riff on this graphic I picked up on Facebook. And with apologies to Dave Brubeck, take five: 5 minutes on LinkedIn, that is, to reach out and touch someone. (Listen to this 1955 jazz standard on his iconic album “Time Out” while you do this good deed.)

We are always reading, right? When you come across an article that reminds you of someone you have not been in touch with for a while (you define that period of time, or perhaps you just have no idea how long it has been), shoot him or her a LinkedIn message:

Hi Robin, I thought of you when I read this article and hope you will enjoy it. If you like, send it along to others you have in mind.

{You insert the link and LinkedIn inserts the graphic that goes with it for immediate and additional visual appeal}.

This is a wonderful and efficient way to strike up a rebound to the relationship. The recipient feels warm inside that you thought of them, you feel like you did a good deed, and it’s a smart marketing tactic as well to “ping” on their mental radar screen, JIC they need that memory jog when they get wind of a project that might, just might, be right to refer you for. Might, right?

Better than being forgotten, eh? Take some time out and take 5.