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So deep in the weeds


Some people I come across try to out-think the LinkedIn algorithm: what they are told works best, as commonly believed, will maximize views of their posts, and thus lead more readers to their profile. They hope for a contact, and then, more presciently, revenues.

They post something (anything) for the sake of appearing, and other stuff individually or in pods that no one cares about, hoping to gain more comments, and they “like” or share to the masses without offering insightful commentary.

Numbers of wishy-washy reviews do not hire entrepreneurs.  

Ugh. They should never complain about the ROI of LinkedIn if this is the extent of their engagement.

They pray for the eyeballing that may never materialize. Or if they get more views, nothing happens: no contact.

Have they considered “why”?

They are so mired in the detail of perceived LinkedIn “black magic” that they fail to recognize the basic tenets that their profile is boring, stale, contains typos and syntax errors, or just doesn’t tell a compelling story of “why” them.

Yes, they’ve got to be in it to win it. But they have to be smart about how they play, their “why they do what they do” and how it’s articulated, to appeal to other discerning professionals to win it.

They are not appreciating the fact they are not emerging from the overgrown masses of really pedestrian profiles. They too are so deep in the weeds.

They are distracted by what they think they should do to “game” the system:

  • when no one really knows how,
  • if they do figure it out a piece or pieces of the puzzle, LinkedIn will change that trick so fast as not to be realized,
  • that they are not expressing their value proposition, based on their past experience that makes them who they are at present and the recommendations and endorsements that enhance their standing beyond what they say.

Clear the weeds, turn over the soil, till the garden, nurture the growing story of “why,” let the sunshine do its thing.

Let the competition play the odds with an unknown outcome. Don’t cater to artificial intelligence. It doesn’t buy your services. Be savvy, appeal to humans and their intelligence, who do.

Be smarter. Be relevant. Be approachable. Be yourself.

I’ll be back after the Independence Day holiday and our first visit with our new granddaughter.


1 thought on “So deep in the weeds”

  1. Such an insightful observation, Marc, it truly makes a difference when we take a moment to realize just how immersed we may be with algorithms! Being ‘yourself’ and authentic will always gain more ground in the long run. This is a better focus for those of us in it for that long run and not just a ‘quick sale’!

    Enjoy that granddaughter & Happy Fourth of July to you & your family!

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