No, not a spoof on “When Harry Met Sally,” but an image of all us paleopreneurs eating from the same catch of the day: from the hunt for more new business. I’ve written about this topic before. Yes, a different focus this time, but the topic is primal. Perhaps you’d like to sink your teeth into it:

Two (or more) paleopreneurs can share the goodies from the catch. Often bringing in fellow experts to collaborate with is twice/thrice/more the creative fun.

In a recent episode from my e-payments sublife, a long-time client asked my amazing (!) webdeveloper and me to an open-ended conference call with three of their top brass. The goal: to hatch a new theme for their next fundraiser, which has to be virtual, instead of in-person as was had held in the past.

One question and answer volley which I will never forget:

Their Executive Director: “Have you had much experience with other clients providing virtual fundraising in this pandemic?”

My colleague, nonplussed: “All our fundraising programming for you and our other clients always has occurred virtually, right?”

BINGO! He nailed it.

I added some example websites and some other marketing ideas that they ate up.

As it happens with this client, one idea germinated into another idea and from their voices and emails, they were visibly pleased with the outcome. Of course there is more to discuss and explore, and we are in the thick of the hunt for implementing more ideas.

Like the old Verizon ad with tech experts reeling down into the scene to help out, I have so many other trusted, vetted players involved in this relationship, and they drop in or out as needed, or they stay tuned in to provide best-in-class service throughout.

They have to, their paleopreneurial sustenance depends on it.