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Guest blogger Debbie Wemyss on “Your Mindset Matters”

guest blogBlogmaster’s note: Debbie and I hit it off immediately in a Zoom pow-wow of global LinkedIn experts. Subsequent calls and emails cemented our “coopetition,” a healthy and enjoyable way to have access to other experts and tap into the communal expertise we need to achieve together. Thanks for this blog contribution, my way of sharing your expertise with my readers. 

After four months in voluntary quarantine, I have had plenty of time to reflect. The start of the pandemic caused immediate changes to my personal and professional priorities. Once I felt my family was safe with the choices they had made, my attention turned to my business which was on the cusp of celebrating 9 years of growth. The daily headlines began to tell a story that no one welcomed or wanted to hear. As the virus continued its relentless attack and cases multiplied, the erosion on our economy began its descent. I was staring down a multitude of observations and decisions needed to be made. Not to mention the incredible emotional impact that was going on all around us.

We often hear how your thoughts can direct your life. Some believe that and some do not. I was a late bloomer and it took almost 2 years of unemployment at age 57 to learn the truth of that simple statement. I became a true follower of the Law of Attraction and know full well that, indeed, your mindset does matter. I witnessed, first-hand, some of my friends lamenting that their businesses could not possibly survive the impact we all saw coming. And, sadly, they were right. I heard the word ‘fail’ and the phrase ‘I can’t’ and ‘it’s not possible’ way too often. It was then that my self-imposed quarantine became a bit more prominent. I chose empathy toward those associates, but I also chose to think differently of my own future. And that meant a focused mindset not easily influenced by others. Masks and Zoom meetings aside, I started to limit my interactions.

I put some hard thought into ‘how can we help’ our clients rather than ‘how long can we last’. I announced to my staff that I thought we could not only work through this major disruption but also offer a little hope along the way. The plan, to date, is working. I began to do something I would never have considered a year ago. And my staff, their hours, and their pay has remained intact. Am I blessed? You bet. And I know my mindset matters.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. Empathy is everything! They need to know you care. Business will not ‘return to normal’ anytime soon and everyone needs to survive. Use LinkedIn to stay in front of your network in a sensitive manner. Use your posts, articles, featured section, groups, activity, and LinkedIn Pages to your best advantage. Keep building your pipeline with prospects but be very, very careful not to pitch. Build your relationships now… and harvest the fruits of your labor later. A favorite client calls it ‘the bullwhip effect’ – nurture now and be top of mind later when they are ready to buy. How can you help your network? Do you think your mindset matters?


Debbie Wemyss, Founder
DW Consulting Solutions LLC

A New Englander, Debbie Wemyss (weemz) currently lives in South Florida having enjoyed a 35yr career in PR, marketing, and fundraising for corporations and nonprofits. She Founded DW Consulting Solutions LLC in 2011 to fill a void in social media offering expert coaching on using LinkedIn as a powerful branding and marketing tool. DWCS now offers customized LinkedIn Coaching for Corporations, Individual Professionals, Professionals in Transition in addition to Live Webinars and Speaking Engagements worldwide. An active Board Member of the Alliance of Women Executives (AWE), Ms. Wemyss also donates coaching webinars to the students of Becker College in Worcester, MA, her alma mater. She is an avid fan of saltwater, sand, and golf courses. Disclaimer: Neither Debbie Wemyss or DW Consulting Solutions LLC is affiliated with or endorsed by LinkedIn® Corporation.