Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Call me down. Just call me something.

problem-2731501_1920I tend to like to push the envelope. I am after all, an entrepreneur.

I try to be thoughtful and yet fun. I am also a professional.

I show some over-zealous energy sometimes, but that self-advertisement is not always successful.

So I have a LinkedIn-related story:

A few weeks ago, I posted something in a LinkedIn Group that the manager was not happy about, as he called it, being too sales-y, about my business. Heck, if I can’t market  my services in a group to peers in the group, who can?

I was disappointed but rolled with it. He took it down. That’s his role.

But without previously-delimited parameters, it was not clear what was right and what was not-so-right to do. Yup, I can be over-the-top in my exuberance and he was not clear what parameters were placed on the Group, so I think we both had some ‘splainin’ to do.

Of course, without pre-set parameters, the mind and fingers wandered on the keyboard, pushing to shamelessly self-market.

We e-kissed and e-made up, of course.

Today he complimented me in front of other networking colleagues for my work quality.

My reaction to his really nice public compliment: pause, smile, (while muted) a mouthed thank you.

Others agreed with him; more thank-yous, and that warmth spread in me, the one you get inside knowing that despite the earlier faux pas, my work quality and earnest desire to help others was noticed, appreciated, and articulated.

I phoned him back later to thank him for his generosity.

Inwardly I laughed about the Group post. As a pro, I learned, and moved on. So did he.

All is well in the (LinkedIn) universe. For now.

Tomorrow: guest blogger Debbie Wemyss, LinkedIn guru of the Palm Beaches (and beyond!) and valued coopetor on “mindset is everything,” a great LinkedIn  perspective on our trying times.

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