On a Zoom networking call full of people I had never met, I was at a distinct loss: some were not showing their full name!

Ahem, that’s the reason for networking, isn’t it: evaluating who you want to get to know further and knowing their name to be able to arrange to meet with them?

But as a visitor I was unable to know names of  about 20% of those with whom I was meeting. If they keyed their Zoom identity on their little screen block with their first name, why not their last name too?.

One block only had his company name. I’m all for company branding, but it belongs elsewhere.

How myopic, how disengaging, how dys-networking this all was, and then please describe to me: exactly how do you explain this lapse of attention to such as important detail as your whole name, such a disconnect of inter-connectivity?

Moral: make your whole name appear in your Zoom screen.  It’s pretty simple. (Look on Zoom’s FAQs). Use the chat function to copy and paste your contact details into allow all, or just one at a time, to see.

Then use LinkedIn better to be sure you don’t have to make up for lost time and researching your name identity.

Of course, you already know where to look!