Today's LinkedIn Nugget

More than stuck: petrified

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The call came in one evening: a friend needed help on her bare-bones and petrified LinkedIn profile. Her spouse urged her to call me, she admitted. I could tell in her voice she was not sure what she was asking for. Fear?

I hear “stuck” a lot.

I heard “afraid” after I send her a customized proposal to which she did not respond, and when I called to inquire, I heard that she can’t come to a decision to accept it, so let’s just  pend the proposal. Not good enough, I urged nicely; let’s explore this together.

If the prospect accepts, although hesitant, that’s a positive leap forward. Everyone is hesitant to talk about themselves.

If they demur, more persuasion may be needed, not the time for a heavy sales effort, but with reasoning and patience, I make the case to commit to get “unstuck.”

Fear is paralyzing. Rational conversation and interactive conversation may make being “stuck” evaporate into a hopeful start to our coaching endeavors together.

We part good friends and colleagues.

Extinction on LinkedIn may yet be spared once again.

{Blogger’s note: In a similar story, he hired me yesterday after a year of conversation, sessions scheduled. I’m ready; he must learn and improve, he said, so that’s a great starting point.}